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Remove old ToS generation code, once new ToS have rolled out and old links are obsolete


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40.1 - 13 Apr
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Bug 1105488 is switching the ToS url away from the loop-client server.

This means we should be able to clean up our code at some stage. I suspect we need:

- File a bug on ops to make the existing ToS url a redirect (for FF 34 users)
- Remove the old generation code (not sure if we want to keep Grunt for some of the perf improvements we want to do).
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Ops has asked me to make at least part of this happen as it helps with some new automation they are creating. The initial change I did to test for them wasn't too difficult, so lets just see if we can knock this off before the next release.
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This is basically a backout of bug 1044411 but keeping some bits intact as they seemed good to keep.

Ted: Could you review the .hgignore parts? (the Makefile isn't part of the m-c build system atm).

Dan: Ops want this for the next loop-client release at it makes their process simpler and easier to automate. We can always add grunt back in later if we need it for the minify/concatinate stuff, but for now, lets just drop it and simplify things.
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Remove old ToS generation code from Loop Standalone. NPOTB DONTBUILD

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Looks great; thanks for doing this.  I don't think we're going to want to go back to grunt.  The lesson I learned with this stuff is that debugging grunt is a giant pain.  We might consider gulp one day, but perhaps Make will continue to be sufficient.
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