Assets in payment window fail to load after call to navigator.mozPay() (loading page is visible)




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This is not consistently reproducible but we've seen it twice (also in bug 767818). Steps taken:

- flash Firefox OS 2.0 on a Flame device
- install an app that does in-app purchases
- open the app, make an in-app purchase against the production server (this calls navigator.mozPay() which opens

Expected: the payment page should load and begin by asking you to sign in.

Actual: the HTML for the payment loads but none of its assets load. No styles, no javascript. You are stuck on a 'loading' page with no errors in the console.

Restarting the device fixes the issue.

You can run `curl` to see the HTML with the 'loading...' message. This is all that loads inside the payment window.
Created attachment 8529277 [details]

This shows the payment window in its state where no assets have loaded, only HTML.
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A logcat after the blank window opened. This confirms that no JavaScript has loaded because there are no errors and no messages at all relating to assets in the payment window.
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Maybe this sheds light on what happened?
ferjm, since we caught a dmesg this time is there any information to  go on?
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This is worth looking into because it seems like a bug specific to the Trusted UI.
I can't see in the logcat or dmesg anything related to payments or the trusted UI.
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4 years ago
Just chatting to didem, it appears to be failing only in the latest builds? An old build from November was working just fine? Need info'ing Didem so she can correct me on that.
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Thanks for looking Fernando.

See bug 1101056 for a logcat -- no clues there either though. No javascript error, no indication that javascript loaded at all.
Duplicate of this bug: 1101056
One theory is that our CDN is unreachable in some way causing no assets to be loaded. See bug 1103025 for precedence.
You may be able to verify this theory by checking the network requests and responses with the WebIDE connected to the device.
Yes, I saw this issue in one of the recent builds (a build released before the week of Thanksgiving, can't remember the exact build id). I didn't see it in a build from September, and I did not see it in builds from December.
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I've been doing extensive testing while working on bug 1097928 with a mock payment provider and I didn't see this issue happening a single time. This looks to me like a connectivity issue with the CDN as mentioned in comment 10.
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Cleaning up Device Interfaces component, and mass-marking old FxOS bugs as incomplete.

If any of these bugs are still valid, please let me know.
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