Feature Proposal: Auto-file Incoming Messages / message filters with actions / message rules



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4 years ago
I'd like to see the option for the user to set up custom redirect/auto-file of incoming messages per Email account in the Email app.

The user could set up the auto-file and redirect to file incoming messages in the appropriate folders.

This is commonly used in business applications, and can even be essential for users handling large volumes of emails while looking to retain control of their inbox.

On my desktop clients, I have emails set to auto-file in one of many subdirectories of my account, keeping my Inbox only for "novel" content I've not seen before, or unexpected emails, which allows me to get better visibility on items that need my attention.

Typically, you set up auto-file by incoming email address, though some clients allow it by keyword. I think by email address would be sufficient for this case.
Note that this is something that would ideally be done server-side.  If done client-side this is something you ideally only want one client doing.  If the server supports IMAP MOVE and all involved clients support IMAP MOVE, things should largely work in the event the clients both try and move a message.  However if one or more of the clients try a COPY followed by a deletion, this will potentially result in duplicate messages in the target folder (except on deduplicating servers like gmail).

Ideally for IMAP we would just support the sieve standard.  Unfortunately, even were used, sieve isn't exposed a la http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6785, which means support is likely to be spotty and/or requiring weird interactions with webmail UIs, etc.

If we can do server-side with client-side configuration, my recommendation would be that we not support the feature for cases like POP3 where we would need to create a specialized local-only implementation that would expand the permutation-space in a bad way.
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Summary: Feature Proposal: Auto-file Incoming Messages → Feature Proposal: Auto-file Incoming Messages / message filters with actions / message rules

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