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[Loop] When user inserts an invalid verification code, Device doesn't shown a warning screen


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Tested in:
Loop version: master, fe0b50f

1. In device A, clicks Loop application.
2. In device A, clicks "Use Phone Number" button.
3. In device A, clicks "Or add your phone number" link
4. Write a phone number (different to phone number in SIM card) and clicks "Share" button -> Device B (with phone number inserted) receives SMS with autentication code.
5. In device A, inserts an invalid autentication code and clicks "Verify" button. 

Actual result:
When user inserts invalid verification code and taps in "Verify" button, device doesn't shown any warning screen. 

Only when user has clicked three time "Verify" button with an invalid verification code the warning screen is shown:
"There seems to be a problem with your verification code. Let's try once again".

Expected result:
 For each clicks in "Verify" button with invalid inserted verification code, user should see a warning screen.
Blocks: 1036490
Whiteboard: [mobile app]
We should show the screen error each time we enter a wrong verification code, is it correct Fernando?
We are too late for 2.0 version but we should try to fix it for 2.1 version.
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[Blocking Requested - why for this release]:
blocking-b2g: --- → 2.1?
(In reply to Maria Angeles Oteo (:oteo) from comment #2)
> [Blocking Requested - why for this release]: the user is not aware if the code entered is wrong, what it's a very bad UX. He has to enter 3 times the erroneous code to have tha correct feedback.
[Blocking Requested - why for this release]:the user is not aware if the code entered is wrong, what it's a really bad UX. Loli has commented in the description that you have to enter 3 times the wrong code to have the proper feedback but after this prompt pops up, you have to enter more than 20 times the code to see the error screen again.
This is by UX design. We don't show any error message when the user enters an invalid verification code. What we do is paint the verification code entry field in red and show a "dance" animation. The error message is only shown when there are no more retries left for that verification code and so the user needs to explicitly request a new verification code.
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