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17 years ago
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17 years ago
I get a very slow performance of Mozilla (do you remember 0.6?) when I start
another application like Appleworks 6.2 or iTunes.

My build is 0.9.5 milestone, I run OS X 10.1.1 on a Powerbook G3 Lombard with
192 mb ram.

The slowness is when I type and when I move through windows ans messages. Very
slow. It appears the colored disc instead of the clock, and the user has to wait.

It is such a pain in the neck...

If I quit the other application, Mozilla comes back to behave quite good.

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17 years ago
I would agree, to a point. If you run top and monitor Mozillas CPU usage, you
may notice that it ‘s starting to get greedy. Starting up Mozilla with no
windows your around 4-5% run the browser buster test for 5-10 minutes watch the
CPU usage grow. After 5-10 minutes close all browser windows and watch as the
CPU usage slowly decline.

So I think the problem is just that Mozilla tends to be more CPU greedy right now.

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17 years ago
well, I verified this. I tested with Internet Explorer running: no problems.
With Appleworks 6.2 running: big problems, it sucks more than 30% CPU time and
poor Mozilla suffers this. Again the same with iTunes up and playing streaming

It seems that Apple software sucks a lot of cpu power. Bad engineering?

This is really awful.

So maybe Mozilla just does as much as it can, due the overall situation of my


17 years ago
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Comment 4

17 years ago
well, much better with 2001111609.

Anyway the colored rotating disk appears anytime I move through folders in
Mail/News and when I do other operations like moving messages etc.

But now I can use it.

It happens that I cannot edit the Message filters. Should I redescribe them anew?
Marking WFM for this bug. 

Giovanni: You should file a separate bug for other issues:
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