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Faulty ooyala video play detection - MP4 video shows error of "video is not encoded for this device"


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Steps to reproduce:

Went to this link to watch video:

Using: nexus 9, Android 5.0

Actual results:

In Chrome for Android, it plays, but Firefox displays an error stating it's not encoded for this device (obviously incorrect).

Expected results:

It should have played using the decoders on the device.
This is a player issue. I see the same thing in desktop loading the player with a mobile user-agent.

Perhaps their attempting to load HLS which Gecko doesn't support and their do a platform detection on UA.
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Summary: MP4 video shows error of "video is not encoded for this device" but it plays in Chrome → Faulty ooyala video play detection - MP4 video shows error of "video is not encoded for this device"
There's an inline script that sets the following option:

window.ooyala_options = {"tweaks":"android-enable-hls"};

So in the ooyala player itself, in the supportedVideoTypes function:

return e.tweaks["android-enable-hls"] && e.isAndroid4Plus ? {
  m3u8: !0,
  mp4: !0

(We count as Android4Plus because we match on /Android [23]/).

Unfortunately they only do canPlayType feature detection for non-Android devices--so the only way to get HLS (which presumably Chrome supports) is to set this option. We could reach out to mmafighting and ask that they disable this option--but we probably want to contact Ooyala as well. I don't see why they don't detect HLS with canPlayType for Android browsers as well.
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(In reply to Mike Taylor [:miketaylr] from comment #2)
> (We count as Android4Plus because we match on /Android [23]/).

*because we don't match.
I have the same problem ,especially when trying to view videos on ( sorry best example I had at hand ). Have this problem on my lg g3 device , tried on a friends Samsung and works just fine.

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This is working for me now, as well as the (NSFW) video in Comment #4. Let's close as FIXED.
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