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feedback not getting versions


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(Whiteboard: u=user c=feedback p=1 s=input.2014q4)

Some feedback is coming in and it's not getting assigned a version. For example:

That has no version, but it does have a user agent which should match the product and thus it should pick up a version.

My wild guess is that the user agent inference code isn't capturing versions right.

This bug covers gathering a few more feedback examples of the problem, investigating the issue and fixing it.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Cheng provided this search which picks up a bunch:

It's like 1/4 of feedback in that period.
Did some poking around and I spent some quality time with the inference code. I rewrote bits of it to read better which makes it easier to reason about and added some tests.

In a PR:
Whiteboard: u=user c=feedback p= s=input.2014q4 → u=user c=feedback p=1 s=input.2014q4
This doesn't yet include a backfill migration. I'm going to wait on that until I land this and make sure it's working right.
Landed in

Pushed to prod just now. Will keep an eye on the new code for a bit and if it's good then I'll write a data migration to backfill.
This looks fixed. Haven't seen another instance of this in an hour.

Writing the backfill data migration now.
Backfill data migration landed in

Pushed to production which backfilled things. Then I reindexed so it's updated in the index. The number of "unknown" version responses dropped to about 170.

Marking as FIXED.
Closed: 8 years ago
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