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audiodg.exe hogs CPU when SeaMonkey is running


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SeaMonkey 2.33 Branch
Windows 8.1
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Steps to reproduce:

I browse on any web pages

Actual results:

Procces audiodg.exe (sometimes) active to 7% CPU usage (on all web pages) and this process ended only if close (or restart) SM

Expected results:

Close audiodg.exe automatically
Why do you think that this is an issue with Seamonkey and not with Windows or audiodg.exe itself?
When inactive seamonkey, so audiodg.exe will never (permanent) burden CPU above 8% and always just quit termination Seamonkey... 

audiodg.exe begins burden CPU permanently on 8% (and more) evidently on pages such as Facebook etc . (then perhaps when be on pages videos and multimedia), otherwise this suit burden stuff on 1% when that finish seamonkey, so and audiodg.exe stop burden stuff - begins round again excepting some pages and only pending the seamonkey...

Preventing Audiodg.exe From Hogging  CPU Usage

Out of all the possible problems, the most common complaint is that the audiodg.exe process hogs CPU process and causes the PC’s sound to “stutter” or completely lose audio altogether. Some users report that their computer locks up from CPU usage being tapped out as high as 95-100 percent.

To minimize the effect of audiodg.exe on your system, you can try the following method.

    Right-click on the speaker icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
    Select Playback Devices.
    Look for the icon with the green check mark.
    Highlight the icon.
    Click Properties and then click on the Enhancements tab.
    Check the “Disable All Enhancements” checkbox.
Summary: audiodg.exe active → audiodg.exe hogs CPU when SeaMonkey is running
I see similar issue with Firefox 34 on Windows 8.1. 

I used following simple test page to reproduce it. Just click on button and observe how audiodg.exe memory increases on each click. This memory is freed only when FF is closed. Closing tab or just waiting will not help. 

Other browsers (Chrome, Opera, IE) do not cause audiodg.exe memory increase on each command - only on first page load audiodg.exe is ran and through many play commands memory consumption remains constant.

I have also disabled above mentioned Enhancements just in case, but it had no effect. Note also that audiodg.exe memory leak is on Windows 7 and does apply to Windows 8.1 which I am running.


<button onclick="play();">click here multiple times to play</button>
<button onclick="stop();">stop</button>
<audio id="a" src = ""></audio>

    function play() {
        audio = document.getElementById("a");
        audio.currentTime = 0;;
    function stop() {
        audio = document.getElementById("a");

With disabled "Enhancements" now "audiodg.exe" not run a i not see it.
the problem I see is different - CPU consumption goes up as audiodg.exe eats memory. our app creates and releases a lot of Audio() objects and this leads to that.

created separate bug 1109802 for one memory leak I discovered.
Works For Me. CPU consumption is around 0.5% for the the service process audiodg.exe under Windows 7 64-bit with Seamonkey 2.33.
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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