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TypedArray.prototype.set must take the fast path when copying from SharedTypedArray, and vice versa


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Right now the copy ends up taking the most expensive path (setFromNonTypedArray) because the types are not recognized as being compatible.  This problem is possibly caused by a confusion: the template parameter name for much of the typed array code is AnyTypedArray, but elsewhere in the code this identifier is used to identify "TypedArray or SharedTypedArray".
Prep work: Rename 'AnyTypedArray' in some contexts to avoid confusion with the other meaning of 'AnyTypedArray'.
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Generalize the set() method to handle the case where one type is a TypedArray and the other is a SharedTypedArray, and vice versa.
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"but elsewhere in the code this identifier is used to identify 'TypedArray or SharedTypedArray'"  Bah!  *grmbls*
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::: js/src/vm/TypedArrayCommon.h
@@ +706,5 @@
>          MOZ_ASSERT(len <= target->length() - offset);
>          if (source->is<SomeTypedArray>()) {
>              Rooted<SomeTypedArray*> src(cx, &source->as<SomeTypedArray>());
> +            return setFromAnyTypedArray(cx, target, src, offset);

You can just pass |source| here without the extra rooting/typing, right?  And can't the test be IsAnyTypedArray, too?  Guessing right now this still doesn't really work with shared typed arrays as source.

@@ +720,1 @@
>      {

Add a MOZ_ASSERT(IsAnyTypedArray(source), "use setFromNonTypedArray instead"); please.  (Might be this is trivial because only one caller, but this is defending against the future mostly.)
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For what it's worth, the problem wasn't "possibly caused by a confusion" -- just caused by not thinking about the cross-type copying case.

But really, we need to self-host all this ASAP so we're not relying on C++ to do any of the accesses that are supposed to be atomic.  We have the self-hosting intrinsics, so I should just get on this soon.
With review comments applied:


+1 on self-hosting, with accompanying benchmarks.
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