Multi-tenant WordPress: MainWP POC



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4 years ago


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4 years ago
credit to logan for the summary.

[5:29pm] Logan: random redirect loops
[5:29pm] Logan: random login loops
[5:29pm] tad: it just isn’t a working solution
[5:29pm] Logan: preview doesn't work (known bug with WordPress when using multisite and domain mapping)

Let's spin up a POC of a shared tenancy infra using
Summary: WordPress Multisite with Domain Mapping is a hot mess → Multi-tenant WordPress: MainWP POC

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4 years ago rocks. Except it won't upload to sites on the same server as it.

Installing the dashboard at and using it to manage our sites works fine though, so we should work if we want to deploy another instance just for a dashboard, or we can keep it in PaaS
Is that dashboard something you can also run under Google App Engine? 

I'm not (yet) aware of usage policies around and want to make sure this doesn't turn into a repeat of HP Cloud.

(also, that paas URL just gets me a default WP blog)
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