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Remove redundant task check in DataReportingService


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On spot-checking the client id code, i noticed that we have a redundant check there for the task check.
I'm not sure if this actually breaks anything, but its certainly unneeded.
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Remove redundant check

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r+. But this removed check is defense in depth. The new code assumes there is exactly 1 caller of _loadClientID. Software always changes. That assumption may break some day. I think I'd feel better if _loadClientID were implemented as an inline function as part of getClientID.
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If you're worried about robustness, i think we should rather make _loadClientID() use the pattern |this._task = Task.spawn(...); return this._task;|.
As is now, doing a task check there just seems broken (i don't think this can run properly).
Is this still fine with you then?
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Remove redundant check

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Looks good. Thanks!
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