Two extensions fail to work in Firefox 35.0

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Steps to reproduce:

I simply installed the "beta" 35 desktop version and two extensions fail to work. 

Actual results:

Neither "Firebug" would function, nor the extension "Expire History by Days."
I tried disabling them both and re-enabling them, but no joy.

Expected results:

They should have worked, especially the "Expire History by Days." Firebug I liked, but found I could work around it with the developer tools as packaged. I very much like the option to limit my history to a two day limit, rather than an "all or nothing" choice, and since setting the options to "delete on exit" has proved problematical (the old "Firefox is running as a process... is hanging" issue) it is a kind of issue. It is not a "fake sense of security" issue with me, it is a "not wanting to carry that much history around" kind of thing.

Comment 1

4 years ago
I am on Windows 7 Premium desktop Firefox, 32 bit. I was on FF 35 until last night when I discovered that 35 was not playing nice with some sites using Flash. It was a capricious thing. Many sites worked as normal but some would not render at all. Examples: 

I have spent the entire weekend trying to get the Firefox beta 35 to work. What I have found is that *all* extensions fail to work with the exception of Places Maintenance. I can not download any extension Firefox is so famous for. The error is something like "cannot install 'plugin-name' in it's current state." Enabling any extension require a FF restart, even Places Maintenance. Trying to remove an extension fails and must be done manually.

First time I have has a problem with a Firefox beta, but it is definitely not ready for prime time. I realize FF is attempting to get away from what we are calling "Proprietary add-ons" but FF 35 in its present state will just fill the Moz Support forums with millions of complaints.

I thought you might like this report as "user input." God knows I have tried...I must have downloaded 35 at least a dozen times and then been forced back to 34.0.5. So I am back on 34.0.5

Let me know if anyone else is having these problems or anyone needs more information.
Can you reproduce these issues in safe mode?

How about on a clean profile?

Note: Please file different issues in separate bugs. Thanks!
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Comment 3

3 years ago
* No response from reporter in nearly 4 months.
* No steps to reproduce.
* Multiple issues conflated into one report.

Please retest in the current version of Firefox in a brand new profile. If you can still reproduce the issues, read the bug writing guide, then file individual reports for each issue.
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