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Message pane doesn't stay invisible after window close/open



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3 years ago
a year ago


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SeaMonkey 2.31 Branch
Windows 7

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3 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open Mail & Newsgroups from Browser (using the Icon in the status bar)
2. Leave the default selection in the Folder Panel (for me its the Inbox of the first account)
3. Minimize the Message Panel (in case it isn't already)
4. Hit F8 to hide the Message Panel. Do it twice if necessary. No Splitter should be shown at the bottom.
5. Close the Mail & Newsgroups window.
6. Open it again.

Actual results:

After opening the Mail & Newsgroups window again (step 6), the Message Panel is back. The splitter at the bottom is shown, and in most cases the Panel is minimized.

Sometimes, it even jumps to full size when a mail is selected.

Expected results:

I hid the Message Panel (and don't want it to show a mails content, unless i choose to by double clicking the mail), so it should still be hidden. And especially shouldn't pop up to where it was last when selecting a mail.

Comment 1

3 years ago
Is this a DUP of Bug 960713 - Message Pane keeps opening ?
(Maybe DUP 960713 to here, as this one reads better.)

Comment 2

a year ago
This mailnews pane  visibility handling has been messed up at least since 2.5, and not only for Message pane. 

And yes, "Bug 960713" seems to be for the same issue.

I will do some more investigations during the weekend.
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See Also: → bug 960713
Summary: Message pane doesn't stay disabled after window close/open → Message pane doesn't stay invisible after window close/open

Comment 3

a year ago
Hm, the more often I read Bug 960713 the less I understand that one. so I continue here.

Effects are different in some details, but the core of the problem also is REPRODUCIBLE with  English SeaMonkey 2.46a1  (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:49.0)  Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0 Build   20160527003002    (Default Theme) on VirtualBox Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
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