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(Reporter: GPHemsley, Assigned: Jean Collings)


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3 years ago
This is probably the wrong component for this bug, but I heard from a new user (and generous donator) that the request for donations on the about:home does not go away after you donate.
Campaign works, I think. It is about an individual campaign. I'm assuming this is about the donation snippet that just has the text and a link? Or is this about the donation snippet with the big button and three donation amount choices? Or maybe both?

From a technical perspective, I don't know if this is realistically possible. We'd need whatever post-donate page currently exists to mark the user in a way that about:home can track. I'm a bit iffy on whether it's cool to track people who donate across properties from a privacy perspective too.

An alternative would be to just hide the donation snippet after someone clicks the donate button, regardless of whether they actually donate. Doing this would require an update to the snippets service itself (as we'd need to alter the "choose a snippet to show" code).

An even simpler alternative would be to just show a different message when the donation snippet is shown to someone who already clicked the donation button. This is a change only to the donation snippet itself.

I don't have the bandwidth to handle a change like this, but if someone on the Foundation team wants to handle the development and testing I could review the code and help get it on prod.

andreawood, frios: Thoughts?
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Removing the donation promotion after someone donates would be ideal, but it also requires a level of cross-platform behavior tracking that puts our privacy principles at risk. 

We only conduct this type of fundraising 1x per year, and we aren't seeing a large number of complaints that I know of (most supporters are forgiving, since they understand we have to ask in order to remain sustainable). The campaign ends December 31st.

The EOY team is working on revenue-critical optimization since we only have a short window to fundraise, I'd rather not divert their time to change the snippet code for a very tiny number of complaints (more than 80,000 people have donated since Nov 1).
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Comment 3

3 years ago
This should be a blog post on

"Why doesn't the ask go away after I've given? Because to do that we'd have to track you."
(In reply to Geoffrey MacDougall from comment #3)
> This should be a blog post on
> "Why doesn't the ask go away after I've given? Because to do that we'd have
> to track you."

Bugzilla needs a +1 button for comments.

Sounds like this is a WONTFIX then, per comment 2. Thanks for the report!
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