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3 years ago
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3 years ago
In the beta release notes, we have a link to switch between mobile & desktop:

However, it is missing for aurora/developer edition:
I guess we lost it during the developer edition process.
Hi Sylvestre-

I'm adding Josh and Steven to this bug.  I'm thinking maybe we did it on purpose because we didn't understand the future of the relationship between Aurora and Dev browser moving forward.  

Do you have any clarity on that?  Will Dev Edition continue to move in sync with Aurora for Android?  Do you know if there's any larger decision/discussion around "the trains" and how we talk about Aurora and Dev Edition in relation to Nightly and Beta?

Do you want us to put the toggle back up?




3 years ago
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Comment 2

3 years ago
Yes, the links were purposefully removed due to no longer being the same product or design for the page-- the links between desktop and mobile on the release and beta pages works as a "toggle" because they are the same design for both pages, but that doesn't work between dev edition on desktop and aurora on mobile due to the design differences. If we do want or need to add the links back, I believe we should use a different design for them.
Sylvestre, let us know how we should proceed w/r/t Jen's comment#1
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Comment 4

3 years ago
I understand the argument but I think we should still add the button.
At least for consistency with
on which we have both aurora & dev edition.
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Hi Sylvestre-

Yes we really aren't happy with that solution either and would love to have clear direction - from your team or product marketing or just product - about the relationship moving forward between Dev and Aurora and how Dev Edition fits into the channels going forward.

Let's leave open and try to solve the larger issue?

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Comment 6

3 years ago
(In reply to Jennifer Bertsch [:jbertsch] from comment #5)
> Let's leave open and try to solve the larger issue?
Sounds good!
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The release notes have been redesigned and this is no longer relevant.
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