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Hide admin-flagged and blocked add-ons from editors without privileges to review them



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3 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: kmag, Assigned: mstriemer)


(Depends on: 1 bug)

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(Whiteboard: [ReviewTeam:P1])

By default, the queues should only show admin-flagged add-ons to editors who are eligible to review them. We should also add a flagged for reviews which are blocked on arbitrary decisions or replies. It should be possible for anyone to view these items, but they should only be shown to privileged reviewers by default.

The idea behind this is to make add-ons with longer wait times more attractive to review, and to decrease unnecessary and often confusing clutter.
I'm splitting off the marking of blocked add-ons into a separate bug. This currently only applies to changing of default filters to match reviewers' privilege levels.
Whiteboard: [ReviewTeam] → [ReviewTeam:P1]
Target Milestone: --- → 2014-12
Updated requirements:

By default, unprivileged reviewers should not see add-ons with any of the following flags in their queues:

• Needinfo
• Admin
• Blocked (to be added in bug 1112372)
No longer blocks: 1112372
Depends on: 1117329, 1112372
Target Milestone: 2014-12 → 2015-02
I started to implement this but I will have to set it aside for now.

Some notes:
* A privileged reviewer can be determined by:

    acl.action_allowed(request, 'ReviewerAdminTools', 'View') == True

* You should be able to filter out the addons in the queue via:

    qs = qs.filter(admin_review=False, has_info_request=False)

* We also need to update the queue counts code, however, this code currently does not have access to the request so some refactoring is required. This is where I ran out of time.
Target Milestone: 2015-02 → 2015-06
Assignee: nobody → mstriemer

Comment 4

3 years ago
To make this actually useful, we need a followup bug which defines what developer action(s) should clear the "need info" flag, because afaik currently only a new version submission clears it, which is not enough.

Comment 6

3 years ago
Commit pushed to master at https://github.com/mozilla/olympia

Hide unreviewable addons from editor tools (bug 1109299)

Fixes #705

Comment 7

3 years ago
This just hides admin flagged add-ons for now. We can hide the need info add-ons when that flag is removed more aggressively.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: addons.mozilla.org → addons.mozilla.org Graveyard
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