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4 years ago
We should have a link somewhere in the toolbox (maybe by the console tab) that shows the number of errors.  This is a quick way to surface information to a developer that something is wrong with their page.

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4 years ago
Some ideas:

1) Chrome shows a count over by the window controls that increments as errors happen.  Clicking on this count opens up the split console, and clearing the console removes the count.  We could do something similar by badging the split console button (or showing the count next to it), although we already have a lot of buttons showing up in the toolbox.

2) We could replace the console icon with a number in a red circle whenever there are errors.  Would save space, but would get rid of a (possibly) familiar icon.

3) We could add the count to the right of the 'console' label in the tab.  This is what the redesign on IE tools is doing:
fwiw I like option 3. Could we show a badge with the number of errors in the console tab?
We could also display the count on top of the console icon, like a badge on the icon. That would keep the icon shape, not take up more space and be visible even when the devtools are in small width.

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4 years ago
Options 2 and 3 are fine by me - and yes, this is needed.

I think a forth option might be to show the count in the main browser UI somewhere but ONLY if configured to do so (average users do not need to see how **** my code is ;)
+1. Also, we already do this in the developer toolbar which is slated for being folded into the console. Doing this work would not only save that feature but also make it more visible / useful.
So a feature like there was on Firebug :-0
I like it!


11 months ago
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4 months ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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