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[meta] Using Telemetry for measuring Web Compatibility issues


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(Keywords: meta)

Often we are struggling discovering if a code pattern in CSS or JS creating Web compatibility issues is worth fighting for (through outreach and direct contact) or just support it in the browser core engine. We have often a kind of decision process which looks like more "wet finger in the wind", aka we have an impression that we should do this or that. It would be better if we could back that up a bit more with hard data.

The goals:

1. Having hard data about Web compatibility issues
2. Evaluating if possible if it's happening in some precise circumstances (such as happening only in China or happening only with the use of this JS library)
3. Making better recommendations to the platform team on priority for implementations (new features implemented in other engines not used anywhere or used everywhere)
4. help priorities for documentation and advocacy
5. more things?

Some background info:
* Adding a new Telemetry probe.

For meta discussions about what we want to measure, please discuss on (Publicly archived).!forum/mozilla.compatibility

For patches to probe telemetry, please add a dependency to this bug.
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Depends on: 1121559
Depends on: 1125340
Depends on: 1131706
Depends on: 1135811
Depends on: 1136877
Priority: -- → P3
Component: Desktop → General
Keywords: meta
Product: Tech Evangelism → Web Compatibility Tools
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