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links do not work as usual


(Thunderbird :: Message Compose Window, defect)

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Windows 7
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Steps to reproduce:

in a browser, copy a link to be included in e-mail. In Thunderbird, highlight a word in text to be linked. Click the link option in the graphic option at the top of Thunderbird. Try to insert the link and garbage language choices come up and it is impossible to insert the link wanted.  This option worked perfectly until the newest version was offered - version 31.3.0. was installed.  I did do a complete reboot and that did not resolve this new problem.

Actual results:

the link copied from a browser, was not able to be pasted to the link option from the drop-down in the graphic near the top of Thunderbird 31.3.0

Expected results:

The link from a browser should have pasted when the phrase highlighted was linked to a URL from a browser.
(this isn't about filelink)
Component: FileLink → Message Compose Window
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