List of open pages with functionality to search, save, close, move alongside bookmarks and history




4 years ago
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4 years ago
In the Bookmark Manager (and the Sidebar), there should be a List of Open Pages alongside History and Bookmarks. This would be usefull in the following cases:

With >10 tabs open beeing able to filter them by search term to close or bookmark only matching pages (button or drag and drop into History or Bookmarks).

Sort tabs with multiselection accross several windows.

Open (multiple) Bookmarks by dragging them to the Open Pages list. A little more intuitive, than the current context menu function.

With multiselection working in the sidebar, this would be the most handy tool to organize many open tabs. No other current browser can do this (Opera 12 could).

A list of Closed Pages may be added to the History accordingly, with the same functionality as the submenues. Many users prefer lists over having to navigate menues. This functionality in the Sidebar (and Bookmark Manager) would allow that.
This feels mainly like a request for tabs in the sidebar, although there's some extra items here that could make it more interesting. Moving to general, as I think that's more appropriate for now at least.
Component: Bookmarks & History → General
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