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Allow "Browse…" button-text to be customized, on <input type="file"> button


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Steps to reproduce:

I have added a file upload option in project.

Actual results:

file upload browse button is coming with undescore or three donts. "Browse_" / "Browse..."

Expected results:

Expected. "Browse"
Could you attach a testcase, please.
Component: Untriaged → Layout: Form Controls
Flags: needinfo?(iashanmugavel)
Keywords: testcase-wanted
Product: Firefox → Core
Testcase is presumably something like: data:text/html,<input type="file">, which renders as " [Browse...][---textbox---]"

It sounds like the reporter wants the ability to customize the "Browse..." text, on the integrated button.

I'm not sure if that's possible, offhand.  You can use the "value" attribute on <input type="submit"> -- e.g. data:text/html,<input type="submit" value="hello"> -- but that doesn't seem to work for type="file".

(In any case, I think this belongs in DOM, not in Layout:FormControls, since changing the label would be done via the DOM somehow (or via some attribute on the <input>).  Reclassifying.)
Component: Layout: Form Controls → DOM: Core & HTML
Keywords: testcase-wanted
Summary: browse button → Allow "Browse…" button-text to be customized, on <input type="file"> button
This sounds like a request for a spec change more than anything else, to allow customizing the text.

The UI convention for controls that will lead to posing of a dialog is to have an ellipsis after the label, so the default behavior is not going to change from that.

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