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1. I've created Android 5.0 like a month ago - set is for all Mozilla Firefox Mobile version/ runs etc. 

2. Creating a test run with Review Smoke v2.0 and trying to run it for 5.0 will display only 19 out of 41 tests. 

3. I've checked manual all 45 testcases and Added manually to all of them 5.0 ( some did missed it). After this still I do not see them all in the test run. 

- Creating a new versions should be defaulted to all test cases ? should we parse manually them? Suites can add to all tests in them the env?
- Can we hard coded this so we get all tests?

I did check all in disable mode, re-enabled them after.
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Hi Ioana - I'm taking a look at this now.  When I try to run this run with 5.0, I get 39 cases:

Checking the env settings for the cases now.  I suspect some of the cases just don't get Android 5.0, like you say, by default.  They should unless they were intentionally set to be specific to only certain environments.

still looking...
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ok, so 39 cases looks right for that run since 3 cases are disabled:

I'm looking at Mobile Firefox 37 only right now (I chose it out of the many).  The suite of Review Smoke v2.0 has 43 total cases.  But 3 are disabled, so when you run it, you should get 39 cases.  That's correct for the test run in comment 1.

However, your earlier issue of not all the cases getting the new environment is definitely a bug.  I think this bug is caused by bug 1021634.

Ioana - is there a different test run that is still missing cases?  Please let me know which Product version/run combo is still having problems.
Depends on: 1021634

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4 years ago
Camd - try Mobile Firefox -> 35 tablet -> Smoke - I only get 19 for 5.0 
- https://moztrap.mozilla.org/runtests/environment/6032/
- https://moztrap.mozilla.org/runtests/environment/6015/
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