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3 years ago
Create a human-readable regex support for the e10s platform formats.
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I'm not sure I quite follow the request here. Are we missing some job types, or is this cleanup?
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3 years ago
Sadly, I no longer remember the context here.  And if I look at builds4hr, I don't see any e10s.e jobs.  Brad - Can you refresh my memory on what these platform names would look like?
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for talos we needed to workaround the graph server limitations, so when we uploaded results to graph server, we modified the machine name by adding a .e at the end.  So it would be like:

if e10s:
  machinename += '.e'


with e10s:

This is a hack for graph server specifically, we just need to ensure that treeherder is aware of this and all dependencies on machine name are handled correctly.
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Ah ok so this is for the machine names, not the platform names - adjusting summary.

Where are these surfaced? Where do they need fixing?
I see the un-suffixed machine name in the job details, which is presumably what we want.
I'm guessing this applies to the links to graph server then?
If so, I'm confused, since non-e10s jobs don't have the machine name in the link to eg,94,35%5D%5D , so we don't have anything to correct.

Also, the link shown is just what appears in the |TinderboxPrint: TalosResult...|, so really should be corrected on the harness side, rather than treeherder.

Could someone post a detailed STR, expected, actual here please? As is, this isn't actionable afaict. :-)
Summary: Support e10s platform names containing a ".e" at the end → Support e10s machine names containing a ".e" at the end
look at this link:,94,35%5D,%5B261,1,41%5D%5D&sel=1419962903275,1420567703275&displayrange=7&datatype=running

I added the pgo build and the specific platform that the machine name is part of.
I still don't think there's anything to do on the Treeherder side (Treeherder just shows the links in the log, if they are wrong, they need correcting in the log), and treeherder doesn't use those machine names anywhere else (unless this is for PerfHerder, in which case a fresh, clearly explained bug in the correct component is probably worthwhile anyway) so this is WFM as far as I can see.
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For example, click on any of the jobs in:

The machine name in the job details panel doesn't contain .e :-)
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