Firefox requires you to enter the master password if sync in enabled.




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Steps to reproduce:

Whenever starting Firefox when sync in enabled.

Actual results:

Need to enter my master password for the Software Security Device.

Expected results:

There should not be a password prompt on start up. It should only pop-up if the program requires sensitive information (and not on start up)

Comment 1

4 years ago
I can confirm that. In addition FF asks for master password when deleting history entries (why?!)
Component: Untriaged → Sync
If you have a master password set, we store your sync credentials in the password manager. We therefore need you to unlock your master password in order to enable syncing.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 3

4 years ago
so how did it work before ff34?!
this feature is terrible when you frequently open and close browser (like me, when testing pages, for example). maybe there should be an option to sync without asking for master pasword? maybe sync password should be stored separetely - not in common password manager?
Between Firefox 29 and Firefox 34 we did not support syncing passwords if you had a master password set, which was another limitation that bothered many master password users.

It is fairly well known that the experience of having a master password set in Firefox is not ideal, for various reasons. We may end up investing some effort in improving that feature (or removing it) in the near future.
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(In reply to esschalm from comment #5)
> You should remove or improve it (literally right now) as its unusable this
> way and that bad.

There's nothing identified that we can do other than to silently not sync while the master-password is locked. YMMMV, but IMO that would be worse (after all, these users have explicitly opted in to both Sync and master-password, so presumably want them both to actually work)

> Someone needs to finally get to this.

Making demands about what other people should do isn't helpful - unless by "someone" you mean "you", in which case you should just go for it and upload a patch.
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esschalm, please see the etiquette guide > "Commenting" #2
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