when pulling up the task manager in horizontal orientation it opens it verticaly



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Steps to reproduce:

you have multilpe apps running and you are using one in a horizontal orientation say you are typing something and you go to switch to another app via task manager.

Actual results:

it will automaticly snap as if you are holding it verricaly whether or not you are switching to another app this is able to be used horizontaly

Expected results:

it should remain in a horizontal orientation untill you select to use an app that can not be used horizontaly
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This bug has been filed by a new contributor to FirefoxOS who was doing a testing task in One and Done:

The UX implementation calls for the Task Switcher to work only in the portrait mode. Is this going to change?
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This is what is specified in the current UX specs but will almost certainly be out of scope for the 2.2 release.
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We're tracking these orientation/task manager issues in bug 1111795, this might be a dupe of one of the bugs under it. As of today in master/nightly the task-manager can open in landscape, but it has several bugs. I would love to get these fixed for 2.2, but it is most important that it is consistent and stable, so I'm not sure yet if it will make the cut.
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For 2.2, we will lock orientation for the task switcher so that it is always portrait-primary. That is, this bug is expected behavior. Having a landscape-capable task manager is definately on UX' radar. When we start planning 3.0 we'll revisit the issue.
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