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Some character combinaisons in image url freeze firefox 34


(Core :: ImageLib, defect)

34 Branch
Windows 7
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Build ID: 20141126041045

Steps to reproduce:

Version 34 of Firefox seems to do not like some letters combinations in the URL of images. For exemple, if a page contains the following URLs images, it will block firefox :

<img data-value = "304387" src = "" alt = "Preview">
<img data-value = "304388" src = "" alt = "Preview">
<img data-value = "304 389" src = "" alt = "Preview">

This is actually FI352011030090/ that Firefox does not seem to like. He does not like either FI352012040040/ but there is no problem with FI352014000400/. FI35201103009/ and FI352011030090a/ are OK too. 

I and some other peoples reproduced the bug on several Windows PC (but not on Linux) on both on Windows 7 and Windows 8 with the 34 version.  There is no problem with the earliers versions. And the more of images you have in your page having this URL in your page, the more time Firefox will be blocked. But once Firefow is unfreezed, you can come back of the page that have problem and it will be OK. It is only blocked when you go on the first page on the page. 

The problem can be reproduced here : 

Open this page :

The page is displayed ok (see :

Actual results:

But as soon as it is displayed, clic on the "destination" link on the top of the page, the destination page will take about one minute to be dispayed (see : or open a new tab and try to call any URL such as Google, it will not be displayed until the bug4.htm will have unfreezed the browser (see :

Expected results:

On previous versions, or on others browsers, when you display the page and when you clic on the destination link, it is displayed immediately.
I was able to reproduce on Windows (FF 34), but not on OS X (FF 37 +E10s).
Component: Untriaged → Networking
Product: Firefox → Core
Component: Networking → ImageLib
Closed: 1 year ago
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