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3 years ago
Hi Mohomodou, I noticed that the page is currently completely localized, but in order to enable it on production we need to set up an email address that will be used as a recipient for all inquiries.

Page on the dev server: https://www-dev.allizom.org/son/contribute/

Requirements for this email address:
* Ideally it should be an alias, or an address created for this specific purpose, managed by the community.
* It can't be a public mailing list for privacy reasons.

Some teams created a GMail account for this purpose and have shared access across team members.

We can setup autoresponders for each category (the message is sent automatically as soon as you send the form), but that's a lot of work and I don't believe it's useful for small communities. You can see the autoresponders here

My suggestion would be to great one generic autoresponder that explains:
* who's part of the Songhay community
* what kind of projects do you work on
* how they can get in touch to help with these projects

You can simply create a txt file and attach it to the bug, I'll take care of setting up the files on SVN.

Let me know if you need any more information.


3 years ago
Locale: uk / Ukrainian

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3 years ago
Created attachment 8538397 [details]
Songhay Mozilla Autoresponder.rtf

Text for Contribute Page - Songhay Mozilla localization as requested in Bug 1113029. Let me know if it's appropriate. I think I don't need to add an email address

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3 years ago
Sorry, probably unclear on my part.

1. The text needs to be in Songhay, it will be sent to whoever uses the form on the Get Involved page in Songhay. Every locale has its own set of autoresponders.

2. The email address is mandatory (I'll add that it shouldn't be a personal address). When someone fills the form, he will receive the autoresponder text, while this email address will receive the request.

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3 years ago
Hello Francesco, thanks for stepping in! Is the text file above enough?

"* how they can get in touch to help with these projects" 
Will you set up a form for them to contact us?

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3 years ago
Okay, I see. Then I will rewrite it in Songhay and add an email address.

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3 years ago
Created attachment 8538486 [details]
Autoresponder in Songhay

Here the text in Songhay
Address included

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3 years ago
OK, grabbing the email address for now hantum(at)bagoundie.net


3 years ago
Assignee: nobody → francesco.lodolo

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3 years ago
The address existed before and is good - I've just reinforced the password. Thank you for the follow-up.

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3 years ago
Commits pushed to master at https://github.com/mozilla/bedrock

Bug 1113029 and Bug 1108480 - Add Get Involved email address for son and uk

Merge pull request #2598 from flodolo/getinvolved_uk_son

Add Get Involved email address for son (Bug 1113029) and uk (Bug 1108480)

Comment 9

3 years ago
e-mail address is set
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 10

3 years ago
Page is online and localized

I've just sent an email for the localization subject, and correctly got the localized autoresponder.

Comment 11

3 years ago
That's great. I'm "on the road" today if you don't hear me early enough. Until the late afternoon CET.

Comment 12

3 years ago
A batch of new strings (1200 words) showed up since this bug was opened. Got them translated. The web parts are again complete now.
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