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(Whiteboard: [kb=1617261] )

This bug is created to 

1. Verify browser compatibility for Shape of the Web.
2. Implement a redirect to the already designed "Incompat browser" page developed by the agency.

Browser compatibility as reported by the agency is:

IE 10+
Firefox 31+
Chrome 31+
Safari 7+
iOS Safari 7.1+
Android Browser 4.4+
Chrome for Android 39+"
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Whiteboard: [kb=1617261]
From what I can find, we only have a modal to offer either an updated Internet Explorer version or Firefox. For other browsers, do we want to also offer their most-up-to-date version and Firefox, or just Firefox? Or am I missing another part of the site?
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(In reply to Michael Kelly [:mkelly,:Osmose] from comment #1)
> For other browsers, do we want to also
> offer their most-up-to-date version and Firefox, or just Firefox? 
Most up-to-date version + Firefox.

> Or am I missing another part of the site?
You are not.
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Per our meeting

1. Remove area that links to the user's current browser.
2. Simplify Firefox download area.

Updating this bug to call out a couple modifications to the browser compatibility screen. These updates are based on the fact that browser detection is not a guaranteed science, and locking out users who can view the site would be bad.

1. Add a link to the bottom of the incompat screen which states: "View this site anyway"
2. Update the copy line at the top left to read: "YOUR BROWSER MAY NOT BE SUPPORTED"

Updated the copy line in the middle to read: "Your system may not meet the requirements for Shape of the Web, please update your browser to the latest version, or install Firefox"

Comment 5

3 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Bug 1113349: Remove link to update browser and update download button.
Bug 1113349: Hook up strings in index.html to localized JSON.
Bug 1113349: Detect browser and show modal if not supported.
The popup updates are deployed on

Should we keep this bug open to cover testing? I've tested on Firefox for Android and Chrome for Android and, while the initial load take a long time, the site is functional. I've also tested on Chrome and Firefox and IE11 and the site runs suitably.
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Thanks Mike. I'll run through some tests.
Testing with BrowserStack

FF 30 -
IE 9 -
Chrome 30 -
Safari 5 -

iOS 5.1 -
** this is where my trial ran out =( 

The messaging looks fine, and I confirmed that the strings are all in JSON. Closing.
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It would be nice to support Firefox on iOS. Right now, we just get the download page. Firefox on iOS is based on the mobile Safari WKWebView, so it should be able to view what Safari can view.


2 years ago
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2 years ago
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