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SIMD.int32x4(0, 0) gets TypeError


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Invoking the SIMD.int32x4 constructor with fewer than 4 arguments:

  SIMD.int32x4(0, 0)

gets this error:

  typein:1:0 TypeError: SIMD requires more than 3 arguments

This behavior differs from the polyfill, which takes any number of arguments and coerces 4 of them to integers with |0.

I don't currently have a strong opinion on which is right, although we do already have code in the ecmascript_simd testsuite which happens to do this, which is how I noticed this.
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Proposed patch

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Thanks for jumping in. However, I'm sorry the patch is merely a hack, plus it isn't generic (float32x4 have the same behavior). It is so trivial I'll just do it, but thanks anyways :)
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/r/1629 - Bug 1113367: SIMD (interpreter): make constructors arguments facultative;

Pull down this commit:

hg pull review -r daba7703abd9445dd9a2750383572845f7f48305

::: js/src/tests/ecma_7/SIMD/constructors.js
(Diff revision 1)
> +    assertEqX4(int32x4(1, 2, 3, 4), [1,2,3,4]);

Please add a few cases of constructors with more than 4 arguments too.

FYI, I filed bug on the topic of the special case of one argument.
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MozReview Request: bz://1113367/bbouvier

I assumed a "Ship It" meant r+, but I guess I shouldn't assume I know what to expect from MozReview yet. Here's the r+.
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