"document contains no data" URLs, possibly related to proxy use.




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BuildID:    2001112009

When an invalid URL (hostname not found ---OR--- only the document headers are
returned by the target URI), the last-viewed page stays in the window even
though the status bar reports 'document done' AND the typed URL is still shown
in the address line. In contrast, Netscape4 alerts "document contains no data"
with the same environment.

If there is difficulty reproducing this, email me and I will describe details of
the proxy software, though my description will hopefully provide enough to

On a realted note, I have occasionally typed-in addresses and the browser would
send the request to the server of the site I was previously on (that site the
returns "404, http://someOtherDomain/url.htm not found") -in essense my request
is sent to the last site I visted :(



Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Visit any valid URL (ie yahoo.com)
2.Type in a URL to an invalid host (some *other* host) (ie testttttt.com), or
full URL on some other host that only sends response headers. 
3.Result; the previous (yahoo.com) content is displayed even though status bar
reports 'document done' and the address line still reflects the bogus address.

Expected Results:  NS4 error messages perhaps; "could not find the host",
"document contains no data", etc

Comment 1

17 years ago
Reporter: What is the name of the proxy software you are using?

Can you still reproduce the problem after making the following changes?
1. Goto Edit -> Preferences -> Debug -> Networking
2. Disable 'Keep Alive'
3. Change 'HTTP Version' to 1.0

Comment 2

17 years ago
I am using Sambar Server (www.sambar.com) as a proxy. 

Yes, the problem still occurs after disabling keep-alive and changing to HTTP1.0 
. For example, I entered a URL of www.sjkdghfskdgfsdgf.com, and I get no alert 
whatsoever, only a 'document done', with the contents of the last site I 
vistited still displayed.

Again, both NS4 and IE return an error message in the identical setup, 
whilst using their native http/1.0 protocol proxies. Also, noteworthy; setting 
IE's proxy version preference to HTTP1.1 yields identical behavior to http1.0, 
including the expected error message, and opening of connections to the 
requested host (reference to bug: 

Comment 3

17 years ago
I confirm this bug although it's hard to easily reproduce it. It's happening
with post-0.9.9 builds...

Comment 4

17 years ago
I don't understand this. What is it you would like to see? Is it still happening
in a current version?


Comment 5

17 years ago
No response -> WFM

Last Resolved: 17 years ago
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