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>>Project/Request Title:
Help us name a new MDN product

>>Project Overview:
In 2015 several groups plan to build services for web developers. These services will provide new utilities and workflow enhancements to MDN's audience. They may be offered with optional paid upgrades. They will require a login (for example, a Firefox Account) to access.

While the features of this new product line are still subject to major development and experimentation, we intend to move it forward. To date, we have called it "MDN Pro," "MDN Premium," or "MDN Plus" depending on who you ask and when.

We'd like to have a strong, resonant name for the services we offer developers. With this new product, MDN may become a brand umbrella for its current documentation product, new services products, and maybe more in the future, so we will need to consider how MDN's brand will evolve.

>> Creative Help Needed:
Copy:    Yes 
Design:  No 
Video:   No 
Other:  brand consulting

>>Creative Specs:
A brand strategy for MDN and its associated product lines, including a name for the developer services product. Perhaps a brand book?

>>CTA and Design:
MDN's current assets and brand are available and are our preferred starting place.

Here is the pitch for one of these services:

Dates provided below are provisional, as plans are still coming together.

More pitches are forthcoming. In January we will pitch MDN Pro Services to Mozilla's Strategic Deal Review Board.

>>Creative Due Date:

>>Launch Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:

>>Points of Contact:,,


4 years ago
Assignee: jbalaco → matej
Component: Design → Copy
Data point: "MDN Pro" services is perplexing some, who read it as "MDN Professional Services" -- that is, a directory of service providers. It is not that.
Could we split-test this with some simple AdWords experiments? I.e., identical ads but with "MDN Pro", "MDN Premium", and "MDN Plus" ad titles?

All the ads would point back to the same landing/splash/signup/more-info page, and conversions would be some action on the page.
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