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mail list emails don't work if list name matches member name in list


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Steps to reproduce:

I have a mailing list called "paychex"
it consists of 3 email addresses, two of which have suffixes

If I enter the name of the group in the TO: field of a new email I am prompted with Autofill options that DO NOT include the paychex group.  Only email addresses with the @paychex suffix (like
It is impossible to enter the list name from the TO prompt

Actual results:

I could not enter the paychex list name from the TO: prompt.
I had to go to the address book and choose WRITE from the entry for the list.

Expected results:

Should be able to enter the list name even if it matches the email suffix of some email addresses.
I assume the match is there, you just have to scroll down.... in that case bug 970456 will help you.
(In reply to Magnus Melin from comment #1)
> I assume the match is there, you just have to scroll down.... in that case
> bug 970456 will help you.

No.  The Mail List "paychex" does not appear in the auto complete list.   Only email addresses (e.g.
So it is impossible to enter the list name at the TO: prompt.   It is necessary to go to the address book and choose "write" for the list name.  This is a NEW bug.  I think introduced in the last update.  I send an email to this group every month (for years!) and never a prob till now.
mrochlin, I cannot reproduce your problem on TB 31.3.0 / WinXP.

This is what I did (STR):

1) create new AB called TestAB
2) in TestAB, create 3 contacts:
- test px1 <>
- test px2 <>
- test px3 <>
3) in TestAB, create a new Mailing List called "paychex"
4) add the 3 contacts from 2) into "paychex" mailing list
5) compose a new msg (do not start the composition before you have done all the AB steps)
6) in recipient input, type "paychex"
7) verify autocomplete results

Actual result
Autocomplete dropdown list shows these results for "paychex":
- test px1 <>
- test px2 <>
- paychex <paychex>          <-- this is the mailing list
As Magnus said, it's possible that you need to scroll inside the dropdown to see the mailing list entry, and the position of that entry might not be the same as in previous versions.

Furthermore, it's easy to run into Bug 1107844: If you CLICK on Mailing list entry from dropdown, then TAB or ENTER to confirm, TB will stubbornly use whatever was your first autocomplete results entry (in this case, perhaps one of the contacts ending in Strictly use keyboard-only methods, or mouse-only methods to work around that bug.

Expected result
(see Actual result)

mrochlin, please retest my steps exactly as described, and report back your results.

Either you overlooked something, or we need more details about your scenario to reproduce your issue.
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Yes.  That was it.  I have to scroll down in the pop up list to see my mailist now.

If I may ask, WHY is the pop up list so small?  It's really awkward to move the mouse to the far right without accidentally going out of bounds so the pop up closes.  There's a ton of unused screen space.
Just bad design?

Anyone working at a company looking through the list of people at the company might have the same problem.
Thank You
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