locating a create account link is very difficult.



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3 years ago
Going to SUMO with the express intention of creating a user account is non intuitive.  The signin option on the top menu navigates to a sign in page with no create an account link.

Having been given the link  https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/users/authcontributor  I can not navigate to it.  Because I am signed in I assume, it drops me to https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/

The whole create an account work flow needs to be re-examined with a view to offering a simple account creation process that is easily discoverable.

In the past two days I have seen complaints on SUMO and someone writing to the Mozilla planning mailing list both with issues about creating an account.  With one suggesting the only way was to ask a silly question and then delete it.

I would point to the SUMO topic, but unfortunately it is apparently not marked as solved so the search engine can not see it.

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3 years ago
Yes, it's really hard to find how to create an account, and good reasons to make it easier. I don't normally do much with sumo, but I needed to create a support article for a new feature. Finding out how to create the account took me longer than writing the article!
There is no possible way to only create an account. There are 2 ways to create an account for a purpose: asking a question (for regular users), and registering as a contributor (to contribute). 
This topic has been discussed and brought up multiple times..
Duplicate of this bug: 1222515
Duplicate of this bug: 1168379
Duplicate of this bug: 1143021
See Also: → bug 1164022


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Depends on: 1164022


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See Also: → bug 1257851

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22 days ago
This came up again. See: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/forums/contributors/712722 [Attn: Admin] Not interested in "helping"; Fix your web site for registering to ask a question


17 days ago
Priority: P4 → P3


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See Also: → bug 1004969
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