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Steps to reproduce:

I changed tabs with mouse.

Actual results:

The flash video content appears on the old one, like the browser doesn't refreshed the whole content container.

Expected results:

It needed to load the selected tab, and the old one need to be disappear. Also, this is a rare event.

Now, I use 34.0.5 FF but I seen the previous FFs too. If I click (it think) anywhere, the browser will refresh all the content, and it will continuous the normal way the working.

Now, I clicked the AMV Blazing - Youtube tab, from my private g-mail app tab (1st tab). But this can happen when you close a tab, or switching between normal tabs too.

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4 years ago
maybe Bug 1095754

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4 years ago
(In reply to Alice0775 White from comment #1)
> maybe Bug 1095754

I think not, because those are widget and these are FF tabs, with normal web page.


4 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Plug-ins
Product: Firefox → Core

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4 years ago
This is a bug. It's going to be hard to diagnose and fix if it's intermittent :-(

You don't have a set of steps which reliably reproduce the problem?
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4 years ago
Sorry, but I can't find any method (or similar thing between the cases) to reproduce it. I can only say these: I don't use pager memory because I have 32GB physical and I blocked the pager memory from the windows, so this is a guarantee (so normally it can't be an I/O problem, because the data is in the memory), and the FF fully runs from SDD with the windows too.

Some facts:
- I using Classic Theme Restorer, because the new theme is a **** and I used a lot of function from the old one which was removed from the new. Like bottom add-on bar, tab group function ect.
- I using Session Manager because sometimes the FF hates to save my tabs and I lost some times my open tabs... :@ (This is funny too, because in the option the FF is set to save the tabs at close and open those at start, but sometimes it doesn't do it...)
- I always use about 78 tabs + always 3 application tab in FF, which are grouped in 9 group with different dispersion. (application tabs are always loading at start, but the normal ones not, only the active, but it still 'slow' the start in normal HDD, and it consumes ~740MB memory + plug-in container's memory)
- If I remember correctly, I only get this bug when I was in the "main" group. I use this like a general group, others are for work, or other things, and normally, I don't load it.
- This profile which I use, is min. 2 years old and I moved from my desktop PC and I won't replace it. It's 354,3MB now.
- It happened always with YouTube videos and always it was previously loaded tab. (maybe, because the adds are blocked by add block plus :) )

I remember now exactly only two case.
One was this, which I sent previously. If I remember correctly, I saw new e-mails and I read them, then I go back to the in-box, because otherwise I don't get notification from the new ones (blue tab). Than I clicked to the previously loaded YouTube tab (any other tab wasn't loaded, that YouTube tab was loaded because the FF loaded at start, that was the selected tab when the FF was start (so when I closed previously my FF that tab was active)).

The other one case was when I saw my Facebook and I saw a picture which I need it's url, so I opened it then when I closed that picture tab, the FF goes back to the previous tab (Facebook tab). The next tab was a YouTube tab. Now I can't remember what happened, but the Facebook tab and the YouTube flash movie was mixed like the previous case. Maybe I selected the YouTube tab... or when I closed the picture tab it mixed two tabs... I can't remember exactly what happened.

But I know there was previous cases too.

This bug was at normal tab switching (with mouse). Maybe the solar wind is the problem :D . And yes, I know it's hard to find a bug when it's rare, I really like it, like a gun which pointing to my head and I start to pull the trigger.
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a year ago
Resolving old bugs which are likely not relevant any more, since NPAPI plugins are deprecated.
Last Resolved: a year ago
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