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EMail reply uses global default account instead of the account of the replied-to message


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Steps to reproduce:

When replying to an email that was sent to an account that is not the default email account (SMTP + POP3), the reply is set by default to be the Thunderbird-wide default account rather than the account to which the original email was directed.

1. Verify that default account is "A"
2. Click Reply button for an email sent to account "B"

Actual results:

The default "from" account for the reply is set to "A".  The signature block for "A" is also inserted.

Expected results:

The draft reply should be set to be from account "B", including the proper signature block.

This was working until a few versions ago (sorry, don't remember exactly when it broke).
I'v tested in safe mode with all add-ons disabled and behavior is the same.
I confirm this bug on Win7+Th31.4 (also with all addons disabled)

This bug repeat continuously in almost every new instance of Thunderbird I have tested since ver 24. I still need to stand on version 24.8.1 which is not affected. A lot of new versions of TB were released since 24.8.1 and this bug which is really HUGE (if you do not care you answer from DIFFERENT ACCOUNT/EMAIL) is still present.
Do you see this problem when using version 45?
If you do, then I think this is a duplicate of another bug
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I'm stuck on 38.6 from the Ubuntu 14.04 repository.  
Is there a good/safe way to use later versions with Ubuntu?
I can confirm this bug is present on TB45. I am on Win7.
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Do you store incoming messages from A and also B into the same folder or do you use the Global inbox feature (store all messages from one POP account into another one in TB)?
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Hi, sorry for a late response.
Now I am on Win10+TB 60.5.1 and the Bug is not present yet(was also not present on version 52.9.1 for Win) or better to say it has a different behaviour - please let me know, if i should open a new bug.

I use TB on Win as described:

A - separate account (for domain) with separate own INBOX and SENT folder(not Global inbox/Sent), for this account more identities are set also,
B - separate account for gmail, which uses the INBOX and SENT folders of account A

As mentioned, on account A I have also a Managed identity (Accounts settings for A - Manage identities..) with data of B-gmail, so I almost always use the B-gmail account for writing from the A-identity

Forwarding and replaying to a message is OK, no further change of FROM is present on my configuration. The only problem is, if I want to forward/reply a message written from account A with identity B or directly from account B. Such an email is stored in SENT folder of account A. If I click on Fw to such a message, TB changes the FROM: to account A-main identity.

This behaviour is the same independently on which kind of writing of original email was used - Using B as a part of A-identity as well as Using directly the B account.

Is this a bug, and if yes, should I write a new case? I think, if an original email was send as gmail (B) it should remember this for all folders (incl. SENT).

I can not tell you, if this behaviour is present on Linux too.

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