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[FFOS2.0][Woodduck][STK]There has no Call forwarding icon via SS string in STK.


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DEFECT DESCRIPTION:[STK]There has no Call forwarding icon via SS string in STK.
 1. Load and execute the test applet STN02002 - "Register SS";
 2. After step1 is executed successfully,Call forwarding icon do not displayed on idle screen.--ko
 2. After step1 is executed successfully,there should have Call forwarding icon  displayed on idle screen.
 Reporter's phone number:0752-2639695.
  For FT PR, Please list reference mobile's behavior:
HI PengFei,
Can you provide log? We do not have "test applet STN02002" which we cannot reproduce.
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blocking-b2g: --- → 2.0M?
Assignee: nobody → selee
Please provide the screenshots of Android phone and Woodduck. Thanks.
Hi Sean Lee & Josh,
   I will provide log and screenshots late. I tried to fix this and found that, we can show the icon by control the value '' of settings at /system/statusbar.js. I don't know how to if Mozilla supports the "Send SS" completely. 
  We need to satisfy two feature mainly:
  1. choose STK case to implements Call forwarding related operation.
  2. dial ss string in callscreen and implements Call forwarding related operation.
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Attached file 12-25-log-send
  It's screenshots and log. Please check.
Sean, could you please help take a look at the log and screenshots mentioned in comment 4?
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Hi Shawn,

The text property of Send SS command seems missing some data.
12-22 10:30:44.580   157   157 I GeckoDump: [system] STK_CMD_SEND_SS:{"text":"Register     "}
12-22 10:31:20.980   157   157 I GeckoDump: [system] STK_CMD_SEND_SS:{"text":"Register     "}
12-22 10:31:42.487   157   157 I GeckoDump: [system] STK_CMD_SEND_SS:{"text":"Activate"}
12-22 10:31:52.428   157   157 I GeckoDump: [system] STK_CMD_SEND_SS:{"text":"Deactivate"}
12-22 10:32:04.341   157   157 I GeckoDump: [system] STK_CMD_SEND_SS:{"text":"Interrogate"}
12-22 10:32:13.334   157   157 I GeckoDump: [system] STK_CMD_SEND_SS:{"text":"Erase"}
12-22 10:32:24.085   157   157 I GeckoDump: [system] STK_CMD_SEND_SS:{"text":"Register     "}

Could you help to check this?

Thank you.
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Hi Pengfei:

SEND SS only do the event notify, not to execute any SS command.
This command should be issued by modem.

I am wondering how modem notify CFU case to upper layer, via REFRESH command or else?

Could you please check your android behavior or ask woodduck modem to see how to make this work?

// Raw data

// Parsed data
D0 23
     81 03 
          01 11 00
     82 02 
          81 83
     // Alpha identifier tag
     85 0D 
          52 65 67 69 73 74 65 72 20 20 20 20 20
     // SS String
     89 09
          81 AA 12 0A 51 65 36 37 B2 <= TON/NPI + SS/USSD string.
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Dear Shawn Ku,
  The detail how modem notify CFU case to upper layer needs MTK help. I have asked MTK for help.
Android behavior: At android platform's ril layer, they use observer pattern to observer the proactive command SEND SS included. When command observed , decode the message including text and icon modem return firstly. Then convey the message to a service and notify UI make change with message. Use android component Toast to display the text and showing the icon of message at status bar.
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Need to check if AOSP use SIM refresh to finish the task.

81: open format
AA 12 0A 51 65 36 37 B2: **21*0155663732#
Attached file Android Log.
Based on Android log, modem/rild report UNSOL_CALL_FORWARDING to telephony framework.
And this UNSOL_CALL_FORWARDING is *not* a standard interface defined in ril.h.

I will claim this as partner-self behavior. 

01-01 00:03:41.671096   594   612 D AT      : +STKPCI: 1,"D023810301110082028183850D52656769737465722020202020890981AA120A51653637B2"
01-01 00:03:41.672004   876  1084 D RILJ    :  RIL(1) :[UNSL RIL]< UNSOL_STK_EVENT_NOTIFY D023810301110082028183850D52656769737465722020202020890981AA120A51653637B2
01-01 00:03:41.737044   876   876 D CAT     : CatService: SEND_SS
01-01 00:03:45.428097   594   612 I RILC    : RIL(1) UNSOLICITED: UNSOL_CALL_FORWARDING length:20
01-01 00:03:45.428829   876  1084 D RILJ    :  RIL(1) :[UNSL RIL]< UNSOL_CALL_FORWARDING {1, 1}
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Per comment 11, I will leave this bug to partner.
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Assignee: selee → nobody
pengfei, is there any update on this bug? can we close it now?
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 No update. close please.
 Thank you.
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blocking-b2g: 2.0M? → -
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Dear Deng,
   VAL has postponed bug849751, we can close this.
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