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Simple snippet mockup

We need the ability to launch the Hello door hanger from a text link in a snippet. The text should be editable since we will be testing multiple messages.

This snippet will be used on an ongoing basis for the Hello product. We will need to track the clicks to this link.

I've attached a mock up for reference. This is a simple snippet, but allows us to launch the Hello door hanger.

Target launch is Feb 3rd, with programming complete by Jan 28th.

Question: :frios - what if the Hello icon is unavailable? E.g. in the customization palette? Calls to the UITour function to show the panel will do nothing in this case.
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Comment 1

3 years ago
Currently, the Hello door hanger can be launched when the button is in the chrome area and also when it sits in the toolbar. The link in the snippet should launch the door hanger from both locations in the same way it functions now (in Beta).

If the Hello button doesn't appear in either the chrome or the tool bar area then the button/link in snippet should move the Hello button to the toolbar and launch the door hanger. 

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The ability to move icons from the customization palette to the toolbar is "Opt In" only. Meaning someone has to specifically tell Firefox that it's okay to do this. Your average user won't have this setting updated.

Also note that by Jan 27th (after throttling), the only users who will have the icon in the customization palette will be those who have manually moved it themselves.

The option we discuss for bug 1099320 was that if we detect that the user does not have the Hello icon in the toolbar or app menu, we change the CTA to send users to the product page.

Will this be acceptable?
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Comment 3

3 years ago
Agree it's fine to have the button launch the Hello landing page for users who have manually moved the Hello button all the way back to the customization area.

While it is less important during launch, it would be ideal to be able to launch the Hello panel/door hanger for users who have Hello in the app menu too. By not adding the functionality to launch from the app menu we lose the ability to prompt users to try Hello in the future. This forces us to rely on a landing page that may not be up to date or permanent. 

Again not crucial for launch, but if possible I think there's a lot of time saving and benefit if it can be set up this way now.
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Thanks Fabio.

Just to be clear (pretty sure it's just semantics here), there are 4 possible locations of the Hello icon. The panel will not open in just 1 case (customization palette):

    Icon is in the toolbar ( Hello panel will open anchored to the icon (as shown in all the comps).

    Icon is in the app menu ( Hello panel will anchor to the menu button.

    Icon is in the overflow panel ( Hello panel will anchor to the overflow icon.

    Icon is in the customization palette ( Hello panel will NOT open

Comment 5

3 years ago
Ah, that sounds good with me.

Super clear, thanks for that Cory.

Hi Fabio,

This template is up on development

- go into about:config
- create a new value called 'browser.uitour.testingOrigins' (String)
- add '' into that value. example:
- snippet URL:

Please review and let me know if this looks good to go for the simple snippet template.

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Comment 7

3 years ago
Thanks Cory, it works nicely.

I'm assuming we are only testing the drop down from the tool bar at this point? It currently does not work if the Hello icon is in app menu or customization area.
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(In reply to Fabio Rios [:frios] from comment #7)
> I'm assuming we are only testing the drop down from the tool bar at this
> point? It currently does not work if the Hello icon is in app menu or
> customization area.
Per comment #4:

If the icon is in the app menu, the panel should drop down anchoring on the menu button. Here's the experience in my browser ( Is it not appearing for you?

If the icon is in the customization palette, clicking on the icon will send the user to the URL set in the snippet configuration (currently m.o).

Comment 9

3 years ago
Cory, take back what I said about the other instances not working. Just needed to refresh the page when trying out each new instance.

Looks good to me.

Note, ff the icon is in the toolbar we should link to this page:
Below are some notes on the metrics for this template

Snippet metric name (Snippet metric description)
# hello-ineligible-view (registers whenever about:home loads and the icon is in the customization palette)
# hello-eligible-view (registers whenever about:home loads and the icon is in an "Available" location: toolbar, overflow panel or app menu)
# hello-open (registers when the Hello panel is opened)
# hello-start-conversation (registers when the "Start a conversation" button is clicked)
# hello-url-copied (registers when the "Copy link" button is clicked in the room view)
# hello-url-emailed (registers when the "Email link" button is clicked in the room view)

Note: we are currently unable to register if the "Get Started" button is clicked for new users. This hopes to be fixed in bug 1115227.

:Osmose - please close this bug when the template has been added to production.
Template has been added to prod!
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