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Hello "Import" button seems to assume everyone uses GMail


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When clicking the "Import" button, I get an error message from Google as in bug 1106854. The reason is likely that of bug 1106854. (I use Archlinux’s Firefox package).

But regardless of OAuth being properly set up or not, why is this button going to Google in the first place? I don’t use GMail as my primary email account, and I’m sure many other users don’t either. Importing from GMail can certainly be an option, but it shouldn’t be an assumption.
Other import types are planned - GMail was the easiest and quickest one for us to implement as a starter (we already had code for it).
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Duplicate of bug: 972000
I disagree on this being a duplicate of bug 972000. I personally don’t care all that much about importing from non-GMail, or importing contacts at all. I was just surprised by the way this is presented to users: a button labeled only "Import" goes straight to GMail, as if we were pretending that GMail is the only email/contact provider that ever existed.

So let’s make this bug a request to (until other import sources are added) change the button label to "Import from GMail".
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Sevaan: Do we want to make the change suggested in comment 2 for now? (I'm thinking a low-priority good first bug)
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and it should probably just be "Import from Google"
Yes, this sounds like a good first bug.

Possibly silly question: Is it possible to hide the button completely if, say, we don't detect the existence of a GMail cookie?
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We could block on cookie (I suspect, with a bit of work), but that would stop people importing contacts who, for example, use external mail clients for gmail (like I do ;-) ).

I'm also thinking this is a temporary change until we get time to add some more providers in.
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Sounds good. Was just curious.
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Adding as a good first bug.

There's some additional background info for Loop development here, you'll need the jsx parts to fix this:

What needs doing: This is a simple string change. The "Import" string in the contacts panel, when you're signed into Hello, needs changing to "Import from Google". Here's the code references:^[^\0]*%24&hitlimit=&tree=mozilla-central

When changing this, the string id needs to change from "import_contacts_button" to "import_contacts_button2" as an indication to l10n that the string is different now.
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Hi, I'm wondering if the patch is prepared (but not attached yet)? The bug was assigned a week ago. If the assignee do not have time for solving the bug than I am interested in taking it over :) (please, do not get me wrong, I do not want to push anyone. As a beginner here I just lurking for simple bug opportunities to improve myself ;) )

I am going to make it pretty soon. Sorry :) Good luck in your searches ( maybe this can help you).
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Looks great, thanks for the patch.
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I'll land this a bit later today.
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I did a quick check on the latest Firefox 40 Beta 4 (BuildID=20150713153304) on Win 7 x64, Mac OS X 10.9.5 and Ubuntu 12.04 x86, and the button now correctly says "Import from Google".
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