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4 years ago
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Error log

build-docs seems to be broken on Windows - it fails on two Windows machines for me, with the following error:

  TypeError: mismatched path types!

See attachment for full log.

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4 years ago
Congratulations, you are probably the first person to attempt building the docs on Windows :)

I recommend installing Vagrant and running |vagrant up| in tools/docs to launch a Linux VM. From there, cd /gecko and try running |./mach build-docs|. Be warned that running things from Linux may overwrite some files that Windows builds need to work. You might want to use a custom mozconfig in the VM.

How important is it for this to work?
Hah, yea, figures.

I ended up just running it in one of my Linux VMs (I regularly do builds/testing there anyway), so it's not vitally important to me right now. Though I certainly wouldn't want to see this as a WONTFIX :)


8 months ago
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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