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Notifications do not open Thunderbird Activity Manager to show an imap error


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Steps to reproduce:

My setup:
Thunderbird is configured for an IMAP mail account.

The Action:
- Deleting a mail folder on the mail account resulted in the mail server responding with an error message. 

- This error message is conveyed to the user through OSX Notifications, i.e. the error message is first displayed as a banner and then shown in Notification Center item. This is configuration dependent. The error message text is incomplete. See screenshot

- User clicks on the banner or the Notifications Center item associated with the error message

Actual results:

Therefore the user can not easily read the full error message.

Expected results:

Thunderbird Activity Manager should open and should display the complete error message.
The basic idea is that error messages from an IMAP server should be conveyed to the user immediately and completely. 

This is not guaranteed since Thunderbird uses OS X Notifications. First, OS X Notifications are limited in length. Therefore most error messages will be truncated and therefore not displayed completely. Second, the user may even disable Notifications altogether. In this configuration, the user is not provided information about the error at all. Last, even if Notifications are enabled, clicking on the Notification does not effect the display of the complete error message.
Summary: OS X Notifications do not open Thunderbird Activity Manager → Notifications do not open Thunderbird Activity Manager to show an imap error
Whiteboard: [dupeme]
Same issue in  Mac OS X 10.9.5
Blocks: activitymgr
Component: Untriaged → Mail Window Front End
See Also: → 643143
Whiteboard: [dupeme]
See Also: 643143524314
Issue still exists in 10.10.2

This situation is still very much a problem in MAC OS 10.13.6 using Thunderbird 68.8.1.

if the notification is purely informative, it does not point to a specific piece of data within the application, - as is the case currently - so when you click on the notification, you do not get any result and so have no idea what information the alert is sending.

Is it not possible to have alert saved to a temp file/error console, so clicking redirects to it or maybe alert sent as a html link - "click to view in browser" so can be read in a browser?
Has there been any progress, thoughts or workaround so that truncated alerts from server can be read fully by accessing documention when alert is clicked on?

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