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3 years ago
Steps to reproduce:

1. Sign in as a guest user
2. Open Firefox
3. Open new tab

Actual results:

Introduction UI is shown:
2. Introduction to the Australis UI is shown ("firstrun")
2. Info about what data is sent to Mozilla is shown (bottom bar)
3. An info popup about the "new tab" page is shown

Expected results:

- The introduction UI is shown only once; or not at all if Firefox can't detect whether I've seen it or not


We want users to see this UI the first time, but because a guest user's files are deleted upon logout we don't know if the user has seen it before or not.

Given that
1) it is annoying to see this info multiple times, and
2) opening a tab, entering a URL and searching work the same way as in other browsers,
I think it makes sense to not show this UI for guest users.

(I don't know if there is a similar situation on Windows.)
What is the situation that you have where you are signing in and out of a Guest user account on the machine? I can think of shared computers (internet cafe) being one potential use of these, but usually in academic situations a remote user account is logged in to so settings and preferences can be shared across machines.
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Comment 2

3 years ago
I'm using a friend's computer, where I don't have an account. I want to check my email every day during the week we spend together.

An internet cafe is another situation where I don't see the point of showing introduction info (though perhaps they don't usually use the guest account?).
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