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Add cy (Welsh) to mail/locales/all-locales and calendar/locales/all-locales


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Filing on behalf of Rhoslyn, please add cy to mail/locales/all-locales for central aurora and beta. Beta files are fully translated, so it should work out for the next Thunderbird + Lightning beta.
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Fix - v1

Before adding the locale, this should have gone through a full review of the strings & files. As I'm the only one managing this, I'm not aware of this having been done/requested.

There's also the question of is this really necessary to be added to central? We're trying to limit the number of locales there, and I see that cy isn't translated/has builds for Firefox on central, so I don't think we should do it for Thunderbird on central.

Additionally there's a number of other things to be set up before we can get close to shipping it.

I'll need to go back through what has been done before on adding locales to remember what exactly we need.

To start off with, please can someone file a bug under Mozilla Localisations / "cy / Welsh" for adding cy to Thunderbird, and needinfo to me. This bug can be a blocker to that bug.
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See Bug 1117725 - Add cy to Thunderbird
Mark, thanks for the reply and sorry for not going through that other review. I wasn't quite aware of the process and thought passing it to all-locales on all branches was the way things go. When you review the steps needed, maybe you can do a small writeup on the wiki so its easier to handle requests like this in the future.
The translation work has been done on Pootle, see:
and as of today is complete. 

Dwayne has transferred the Lightning files on to the Mozilla servers but is awaiting instructions for the Thunderbird ones.
Once it has been added to Thunderbird I think we should also add it to Lightning. I think this bug can be used for both steps. Mark, any updates?
Summary: Add cy (Welsh) to mail/locales/all-locales → Add cy (Welsh) to mail/locales/all-locales and calendar/locales/all-locales
The Welsh translation of Lightning 3.3.3 came through on 28/1/15, which is great :-) 
Any update on Thunderbird itself? Thanks.
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Fix - v1

Review of attachment 8543919 [details] [diff] [review]:

I've reviewed cy and it all looks good, so we can move forward with this now. We'll land on aurora and let it go out through the branches.
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I've pushed this:

Rhoslyn: In theory, l10n builds should start showing up tomorrow. I don't know when it'll be added to the l10n dashboard maybe within an hour or two (it should be automatic), if it doesn't appear then let me know.
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Also, please don't forget to sign off each cycle on the dashboard when you do changes, so that we can keep things up to date.
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