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We should add internal logging to treeherder, to make it easier to diagnose problems (like e.g. the recent issue where we were constantly downloading and reprocessing a full set of revision data due to a broken memcached).

I'm inclined to follow the practices of Mozilla webdev here. It looks like they use a module that they created called "commonware" for this, which enables some nifty features like per component logging:

I've been playing with this stuff a bit and have things mostly going for the development deployment. We'll probably want to consult with fubar or someone in ops on what the production deployment should look like.
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Add basic logging

This adds basic logging to treeherder. On dev (vagrant) instances, log messages will be written to /var/log/treeherder/treeherder.log (rotated with /var/log/treeherder/treeherder.log.1 after a 5M cap is reached). 

On production we add syslog-level logging, modeled after the setup for kitsune ( Note that the production logging is not yet tested, though I see no reason it shouldn't work.

After this lands I recommend we put in some basic info-level logging in various parts of treeherder so we have a better idea of what's being ingested and what decisions it's making (i.e. deciding we need to re-ingest the full pushlog).
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Add basic logging

Awesome! Rather than going with a log file on production, I think it should just go straight to syslog. Then I can see what tag it's using by logging locally, get syslog1 set up to receive, and then forward the log onward.
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I believe this bug is fixed. On production, we should be logging both to /var/log/treeherder/treeherder.log and /var/log/syslog

There is more work to be done on production to make logging more transparent, but we can leave that to later.

Feel free to reopen if I'm missing something.
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