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Serve 4xx response status code for deleted documents



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3 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: fscholz, Assigned: groovecoder)


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3 years ago
What feature should be changed? Please provide the URL of the feature if possible.

What problems would this solve?
I am not sure, but I guess to prevent indexing of deleted but not yet purged docs, we could send a 404 header. Alternatively, noindex meta tag (or both).

Who would use this?
Spam fighters.

What would users see?
Hopefully even less visible spam.

What would users do? What would happen as a result?
I guess it would make deleted docs even less prominent for humans and search engines.

Is there anything else we should know?

Comment 1

3 years ago
Blocking the spam tree bug.

We may also use a 410 Gone status code if that's better to get the urls out of search indices.
Blocks: 1109994
+1 to 410.
Yes, 410 is better for removing info from search engines. (I've edited the title)
Summary: Serve 404 for deleted documents → Serve "410 Gone" for deleted documents


3 years ago
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: General → Wiki pages


3 years ago
Assignee: nobody → lcrouch

Comment 4

3 years ago
This is not a good idea, see http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2340728/matt-cutts-on-how-google-handles-404-410-status-codes

"If a page is gone and you think it's temporary, go ahead and use a 404. If the page is gone and you know no other page that should substitute for it, you don't have anywhere else that you should point to, and you know that that page is going to be gone never come back, then go ahead and serve a 410."

In other words 410 is not what we want for logically deleted but not yet purged documents. We should keep using 404 for this.

Comment 6

3 years ago
Commits pushed to master at https://github.com/mozilla/kuma

fix bug 1118318 - return 410 for deleted docs

Merge pull request #2996 from groovecoder/deleted-docs-410-1118318

fix bug 1118318 - return 410 for deleted docs


3 years ago
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 7

3 years ago
Updating summary to match our decisions in the PR.
Summary: Serve "410 Gone" for deleted documents → Serve 4xx response status code for deleted documents
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