when attaching a file to an email, the arrow keys no longer respond to move the cursor



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Steps to reproduce:

Wrote text in email, then attached an image (drag and dropped onto the attachment pane).

Actual results:

Arrow keys no longer respond to move cursor (not numeric keypad, although that doesn't work either and num lock does still write numbers).
Removing the attachment resolves the issue and the arrow keys move the cursor until it is reattached.
Have tried many different file types, arrow keys stop working.

Expected results:

The cursor should move, but it just plain doesn't.

cursor in body
drag & drop attachment into composition (without prior clicking on desktop files/areas)
-> attached correctly, cursor still blinks in body, fully functional

cursor in body
drag & drop attachment into composition (click to focus desktop files/areas)
-> attached correctly, TB window is inactive, focus on desktop (probably correct?)

when deleting attachments using DEL with focus in attachment pane, focus will correctly remain there and is sometimes not visible (trivial bug)

Comment 2

4 years ago
This is still a problem for me, but it it isn't a software bug then that is at least a good thing. 
I assume it is some configuration on my computer only and I will have to deal with it.

Thanks for the response.
thanks for reportin, nez.
Feel free to reopen if you have more details how to reproduce.
We sometimes have freezing/disappearing cursor for other reasons; not related to attaching afasik. You could search the bug database for cursor bugs.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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