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Handle uncaught promise rejections in the storage inspector


(DevTools :: Storage Inspector, defect)

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Firefox 38


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Attempting to replace the deprecated-sync-thenables with Promise.jsm promises in protocol.js (bug 1096490) uncovered some uncaught promise rejections in the inspector. These need to be fixed before I can land the former.
Blocks: 1096490
I don't know who owns the storage inspector so flagging pbrosset for review is a guess.

Patrick, if you're not the right person for this feel free to unassign yourself. Or even better, assign the right person instead :-)
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Handle uncaught promise rejections

Review of attachment 8545312 [details] [diff] [review]:

Simple enough change for R+ even if I don't own this panel.
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For the next attempt, let's try this on try first:
Try push was green, but discovered another uncaught rejection, so here's a second push just to make sure:
Try push looks green. Rerequesting review for the additional changes.

Apparently I accidentally squashed two commits, so there are also some style inspector changes in this patch. It's less than 3 lines though, so easiest would be to just land it as one patch.
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Handle uncaught promise rejections

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r=me with a comment added

::: browser/devtools/styleinspector/style-inspector-overlays.js
@@ +183,5 @@
>    _hideCurrent: function() {
>      if (this.highlighterShown) {
>        this._getHighlighter(this.highlighterShown).then(highlighter => {
> +        let promise = highlighter.hide();
> +        if (promise) {

I think a comment is required before this condition. It will be otherwise hard to future readers to understand why hide sometimes returns a promise and sometimes not.
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Here goes nothing. Nobody tell RyanVM where I live:
Closed: 8 years ago
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Target Milestone: Firefox 37 → Firefox 38
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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