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Fetch API: Add Request context attribute


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The context is what initiated the load (stylesheet, image etc.). Internally we have a nsContentPolicyType, which may not cover what the spec says, but we use for CSP.
Turns out there isn't a direct mapping from RequestContext to nsContentPolicyType since we often need more information (is window top level?, is this channel loaded to due a link?) to determine the exact CSP behaviour to apply to a fetch. Seems like the fetch interception code will have to set this as best as it can, and then map it back to CSP later in FetchDriver (or InternalRequest could hold the original channel's nsContentPolicyType). Repurposing this bug to just add the WebIDL property.
Summary: Fetch API: Expose Request's context to JavaScript → Fetch API: Add Request context attribute
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/r/3061 - Bug 1119037 - Add context attribute to Request. r=baku

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This removes ContextFrameType since it isn't exposed to content and does not help internally. Right now Request::mContext is only for content to get a valid value (always set to "fetch"), which can be set to good defaults when the network interception code creates a Request.
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MozReview Request: bz://1119037/nsm

/r/3061 - Bug 1119037 - Add context attribute to Request. r=baku
/r/3063 - Bug 1124638 - Allow chrome to set Request context.

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