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Advertise IntelliJ support in build message


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In the same way that we currently have a message advertising Eclipse support whilst running ./mach build, we should advertise IntelliJ support
nalexander, can this be a mentor bug?
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Yes!  Great idea.  I think what we should do is replace the Android Eclipse messaging with Android IntelliJ messaging.

To address this ticket, rename the relevant message at [1] to something more generic (say, ANDROID_IDE_ADVERTISEMENT) and update the message to say something like:


You are building Firefox for Android. After your build completes, you should run `mach gradle-install` to prepare Gradle and IntelliJ/Android Studio integration.  Then import the Gradle project at $OBJDIR/mobile/android/gradle into the IDE of your choice.

You should verify any changes using |mach build|.

Mentor: nalexander
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Attached patch Changes advertising IntelliJ (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Does the patch do what's required or does it require some other changes as well? Please tell me if there's any changes to be made!
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Changes advertising IntelliJ

nit: Line wrap the long line to 70 or 78 characters.

nit: format the commit message like

Bug 1119167 - Advertise IntelliJ support in build-backend message. r=nalexander

And you'll need to update the reference to ANDROID_ECLIPSE_ADVERTISEMENT below, where it is used.  Looks like you haven't tested with your changes: to do so, run

./mach build-backend

with a Fennec mozconfig in place (see for how to get such a configuration set up).

First cut is looking hopeful.
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:-) Sorry that was a stupid mistake to make. I have corrected the nits. My android device had trouble mounting. So couldn't check it last time. I managed to get it mounted, now will build fennec and check. Thank You!
Attached patch Bug-1119167.diff(Changes added) (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Hey Nick, I've made the changes the new patch, but I'm not able to check it out by building. My fennec build is running into some problems, so I havent been able to build as yet. But I'm working on configuring it out properly ASAP. Sorry! Anything I should do?
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I set up my fennec and ran ./mach build-backend and the advertisement did appear.
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Bug-1119167.diff(Changes added)

Review of attachment 8547004 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looking good!  Just one small nit.  When you upload the new patch, carry-over the r+ and set the "checkin-needed" flag in Bugzilla.  That'll get a sheriff to land your patch for you.

Sheriff: this patch doesn't need a try run.

::: python/mozbuild/mozbuild/
@@ +30,4 @@
>  =============
> +You are building Firefox for Android. After your build completes, you 

nit: delete trailing whitespace throughout.
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Assignee: nobody → prathikcoding167
White space nits removed. Thank You for the opportunity!!
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Sorry, the previous uploaded was an obsolete one. This is the correct one.
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can we get a try run to make sure nothing brakes etc ? Thanks!
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Yeah I tried another run and it's working fine. Did you mean I should try running it someplace else online? Sorry cause I'm new to this. Ping me if there's something I must do. :)
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He was referring to a Tryserver run:

Basically, it gives us a chance to run your patch through an environment configured exactly like our production automation before landing to ensure that nothing will break when it's pushed. That said, this looks like trivial enough that I'm going to go ahead and push it without one this time.
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Target Milestone: Firefox 38 → mozilla38
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