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Allow using a site's search provider without installing it?


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Random idea:

With the new search UI, it's easy to type a search term and execute the search with a non-default engine (aka one-off searches).

When on a site that has a search provider available (eg Bugzilla!), it might be interesting to allow using that provider as one-off search without actually installing it. That makes it easy to try out before committing to install it.

It might also be a mildly interesting (but far less compelling) secondary use case to have this available as consistent UI for site-specific searches... Most sites have search functionality -- often built around custom Google searches -- but it's usually only of interest while you're on the site. EG, my blog (, plugplugplug) has a search function, but not even I want to have it available as a general search mechanism available all the time. :) Of course the major downside here is that most sites don't provide search plugins for their site, so that's a huge barrier to adoption.
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See Also: 782557
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