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[UX] Design Spike: Create flow & mockups for different variations of the onboarding tour


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Following Michael Verdis analysis of onboarding flows, we need to spec out the most common onboarding flows for new installs of Firefox.

The cases we need to cover are:
- New user / never used Fx before
- Existing user installing on a new machine
- Pave-over installation
- Returning user (there's a profile but no Fx installed)
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The first run user flows (download, install or update, and run Firefox) are are one of our biggest opportunities to help users be successful. Our goal is to build an experience that allows us to do this in a holistic and systematic way. Instead of having a new user onboarding tour as a distinct piece in a series of distinct pieces, we want to create one continuous onboarding experience that tells a story from download to browsing.

In addition, we’ll tailor experiences for other use cases:
* Current user paveover or automatic update
* Part-time user paveover or automatic update

For new users, we want to create a setup experience instead of a tour. The distinction being that in a setup, the user can skip steps but sees them all and in a tour, the use can completely dismiss it at any time. 

For updating users, we can continue to use a tour for major updates. For part-time users (those who use another browser as their default) we can use a hybrid setup/tour.

The attached flowchart outlines how this would work. I'll file a followup bug to create a specification and wireframes for each flow.
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Looks very good Michael!

One thing that would be nice just for future reference would be a legend of what the various colors mean (current flow, desired flow etc.)

I am slightly nervous about un-skipable tours, but this works as a hypothesis that we can test :)
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Thanks Philipp. I updated the flowchart with a legend.
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Several of the terms used are incorrect. Instead of typing them into a comment I made notes on the png.
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